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When a person is detained there is some confusion about who to call. Many make the mistake of not going to a specialist criminal lawyer and instead turn to a general lawyer who does not specialise in the criminal area of law.

This generates delays in the process and could also lead to actions that undermine the rights of the detainee due to poor management of the lawyer. Therefore, it is imperative to have a criminal lawyer who will provide the necessary assistance to bring the process against you to a successful conclusion.

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Rinber Criminal Defense Lawyers handle some of the most high profile criminal cases in Spain

As Criminal Lawyers, we specialise in a number of Charges

Rinber Criminal Lawyers in Spain are well known thoughout the country for participating in some of the most famous criminal cases in Spain and achieving optimal results.

If a family member or friend is detained by the Civil Guard or the Police, or you are simply undergoing an investigation process and you are called to attend court and declare, contact with one of our criminal lawyers and we will come immediately to provide you with the best assistance.

Once the person arrives at the police station, your lawyer will have up to 3 hours to arrive. That is why we emphasize to our clients that they should contact a trusted criminal specialist. This call must be made from the beginning of the arrest to avoid complications and confusion in the case, due to mishandling.

Specialist Criminal Lawyers in Spain

It should be noted that our defense is not only for a defendant, but also if you participate as a plaintiff. Our advice is aimed at the following crimes:

Sexual Harassment Offenses

What is called sexual harassment? When a person makes sexual advances, requests sexual services or generates verbal or physical contacts of a sexual nature that are not consensual or desired by the victim. This can happen anywhere, at work, at school, at university, in public places, etc.

These actions create a hostile and very humiliating environment for victims of sexual harassment. We have a team of criminal lawyers with years of experience in handling these types of cases that, although complex, we work to achieve success. For more information we suggest you contact us without obligation.

Crimes Against People

All those actions that undermine the physical integrity of people are classified as crimes against people. Such as injuries, domestic violence, abuse, homicides, murders, and even the crime of abortion.

If you, a family member or a friend suffer from any of these crimes, contact us immediately. We have a 24-hour emergency number at your disposal to attend to your request, please do so before it is late.

Child Pornography

We are the leading experts in Spain on this charge and we are experts in defending this type of crime. Our services not only cover the city of Málaga, but we also offer defense at the national level. Since we have a great prestige earned by work force to be able to defend it in the most successful way.

Pornography has many edges and criteria in its definition that are not always the same. However, in general terms we can say that it is all that visual or tactile material whose content is represented by sexual acts. This is for the sole purpose of generating sexual arousal in the recipient of the material.

These events are not limited only to adults, more seriously is that minors are also involved to a greater extent. Who are easy targets for sexual predators on the internet. And that, in recent times, this type of material has been increased in the networks globally.

These actions generate physical and psychological damage to minors that are difficult to erase and that affect them for the rest of their lives.

Javier Rincon, Expert Criminal Lawyer who frequently appears on National Spanish TV, to comment on current Criminal Cases

Crimes involving abandonment of family and pensions

We will focus the crime of abandonment of obligations to children. According to the penal code, in its article 227. It refers to the fact that the parent obliged to pay alimony either by a regulatory agreement or by a signature judicial sentence must comply.

If you do not make the payment for two consecutive months or four staggered months, you will be punished as established by the penal code. This obligation is not only given from parents to children, it also involves the spouses. This is how it was established in the first agreement or in the final court ruling.

As expert criminal lawyers we know that these actions have an instance in civil matters and a lawsuit for non-payment of pensions is presented before the Family Court. However, we know that this route is not always possible and that is why we must resort to criminal proceedings to obtain the collection monies due.

It is very common for these cases to go through criminal proceedings, to achieve the best and most beneficial solution you will have to hire the experts. You can call us through our telephone lines arranged to attend to your case 24 hours a day.

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Expert Lawyers in Drug charges and Drug Trafficking cases

Being able to count on an Expert Lawyer in Drug Trafficking and Drug Trafficking in the most critical moments and of greatest need, is undoubtedly priceless. As expert lawyers in the field of crimes against public health and drug trafficking, we offer you the best team of professionals.

Our job will be to advise, explain and guide you during any criminal proceeding regarding drugs, as well as to resolve your queries in these situations. Our professional experience is backed by a career in the legal and juridical field of 20 years. Time in which we have learned from each case and what are the best strategies to solve it.

Other Crimes

In addition to the aforementioned crimes, we provide expert advice and specialised defenses in crimes against property, theft and robbery, economic crimes, crimes against the Public Treasury. Computer crimes, mistreatment, threats, fraud, unfair administration, breach of sentence and many others

Our Criminal Lawyers in Spain are at your disposal at any time that you require. You just need to pick up your phone and tell us about your case free of charge and without obligation.

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