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Why RINBER Criminal Lawyers Spain

Being a close, personal, honest and prepared Firm in the field of services provided is something that is the result of daily work and effort. We are firmly convinced of the culture of effort and merit and we do not believe in chance or anything like that.

En nuestro bufete de Abogados Penalistas, trabajamos todas las áreas del Derecho, en todas las capitales y provincias de España.

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In our Criminal Lawyers firm, we work in all areas of law, in all capitals and provinces of Spain. We cover the entire national territory. We have specialized lawyers in all branches of law at your disposal.

Our Firm is consolidated as one of the most prestigious criminal law firms, for having always followed its essential principles: & Depth in the study of law, quality in professional work and in the relationship with customers; innovation, honesty, decency and respect . In short, the search for excellence at all levels of our activity.

After a long history of professional activity at Our Firm, we are proud to have an excellent reputation, being considered by experts as leaders in legal advice in Malaga and one of the benchmarks at the national level.

Bufete De Abogados Penalistas

Without prejudice to our national projection as a Law Firm in Malaga, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella, Coin and Madrid, our biggest showcase is in Malaga and Madrid. The specialization of our Lawyers allows us to provide a service of specialists in all areas of Law. The evolution of our office throughout our more than 19 years of history, has also allowed us to have first swords in different legal areas, placing us at the forefront of advising both individuals and companies.

Our Criminal Law Firm attends and represents our clients in their defense in all types of cases and procedures related to lawsuits in the areas of civil and criminal jurisdiction, claims for amounts and compensation, to name some of the types of files that we process.

We have delegations in Madrid Criminal Lawyers, Lawyers Granada, Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Antequera and Coín.

The Motto of our Firm is as clear as it is simple: People who explain Criminal Law to People. Our vocation is the service and solution of legal problems. We are very clear that the Lawyer must have an important vocation of service and must always be ready to help whoever needs it.

In an increasingly impersonal Society, Professionals have to be, inevitably, at the height of the circumstances and for this they must always be on the side that requires advice or simply the resolution of a question that may be minor.

Our Lawyers

Javier Rincón

Javier Rincón Bernal, a lawyer from Malaga, currently works as a LAWYER specialized in criminal and civil law, as well as COLLABORATOR on Spanish television, (TVE), in the morning program, contributing his knowledge and legal knowledge regarding current judicial issues at the national level and events. He is a founding partner of the RINBER ABOGADOS firm that was born in Malaga at the beginning of the year 2000.

After the founding of the firm, in March 2000 in Malaga, he participated in the expansion of the firm throughout the entire national geography, betting on the opening of offices in Granada and Madrid, which catapulted the firm to an expansion national.

Manuel Rincon

Manuel Rincón Bernal, is a Spanish jurist who currently practices as a lawyer specialized in criminal law and director of the RINBER Law Firm. A Firm that was born in Malaga Capital that defends criminal proceedings throughout Spain. It is common to see him, along with his brother Javier Rincón Bernal, also a lawyer, in different media, assessing the legal status of the most media issues. He is a member of the Malaga Bar Association.

As a lawyer, he is in charge of the defense of multiple judicial matters for different types of crimes. It is common to see him in the most complex and media affairs of the country. There are not a few outstanding criminal cases that he processes and has processed. Among other matters, he is specialized in the defense of persons indicted for crimes of fraud, robbery with force and violence, computer crimes, crimes of homicides and murders, drug trafficking, among others

Willing 24 hours to help whoever needs it.
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RINBER Abogados Philosophy

“Large team of lawyers, prepared and experienced”

Having a large team of lawyers, prepared and with extensive experience, allows us to work in all areas of Law , with resounding solvency, in all the capitals and provinces of the Spanish territory. Wherever we are needed, we are. “WE OFFER YOU, FREE

“Free and no-obligation consultations and meetings”

Our Firm puts at your disposal, without any commitment, our team of professionals , to resolve your doubts or questions, either by phone or in a meeting at the firm or by email. Consultations or meetings are free. Our vocation of service moves us. At this meeting, specialist lawyers will evaluate the viability of your file, informing you of the way forward.

“Your file will be supervised by several lawyers”

Your file, directed by a specialist Lawyer in the matter, will be supervised by the entire department, adding different points of view to the common effort for getting you results. Let us provide you with solutions.

“Tight budget, with payment facilities”

Our Law Firm is “A great firm available to everyone”. After the first meeting, you will be given a detailed and firm budget. With regard to professional fees, the firm undertakes to fully submit to the guiding scale of minimum professional fees of the Illustrious College of Lawyers , which is made available to you.

“Let us help you”

Along with this, a list of action items is detailed. Do not worry if you cannot find the activity related to your matter, contact us, without any obligation, and we will direct you to the lawyer specialized in your matter. (952 218 126/627 467 042). We are delighted to serve you!.

RINBER Criminal Lawyers Method

The Method that our Firm proposes is simple and complex at the same time. Starting from proximity, understanding the problem from the client’s point of view and, above all, knowledge of legal solutions are the basis of our secret. Obtaining peace of mind to solve your problem is synonymous with having the Lawyers of our Firm. All this thanks to our efforts and professional successes, since we are trustees of the trust of hundreds of people from Malaga and more and more people from all over the country.

Our Motto is clear, People who explain the Right to People. The most important thing is whoever comes to us for legal advice feels understood and the reality of his file is explained to him.

Our Firm puts at your disposal our team of professionals to resolve doubts and questions , either by phone or in a meeting at the firm, via chat or email. We are capable of solving your questions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For this purpose we put at your disposal our emergency telephone numbers where you can contact our lawyers in Malaga.

Our Firm is one of the law firms that handles the most cases in the Courts of Malaga. The fundamental reason is that it has remained faithful to its essential principles, quality of work, professionalism and direct treatment with its clients. In short, the search for excellence at all levels of our activity.

After a long history of professional activity, we are proud to enjoy an excellent reputation, being considered as leaders in legal advice in Malaga as well as one of the benchmarks at the national level.

In Our Firm of Lawyers, we know of legal solutions, consult us without obligation.

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